Jimena Paratcha

Founding Trustee

Jimena Page


Born in San Francisco, California, to Argentinean parents, Jimena eventually discovered Bahia, Brazil to be her home. She was 12 years old when she became friends with a group of street children in Buenos Aires whilst breakdancing on the city's streets. It was those friendships that awakened Jimena to social injustice and inspired her to devote her life to helping vulnerable young people like themselves.

At the age of 15, Jimena began volunteering at orphanages and community development projects throughout Latin America, and travelled around the continent extensively. It was in Lencois, the heart of Bahia, that Jimena, together with two other dedicated women, founded Grãos de Luz, (Seeds of Light), which would become the starting point for the Action for Brazil's Children Trust and was named the UNICEF-Itau Brasil Project of the Year in 2003.

Soon after starting up Grãos de Luz, Jimena met Jimmy Page, musician and composer, who subsequently became the Founding Patron of ABC Trust. Since its official registration in 1998, ABC has reached out to over 15,000 children and their families across Brazil.

Jimena now lives with their three teenage children in Sussex, England. Today she is on the board of directors of ABC Trust and Street Child United, which will bring the Street Child World Cup and it's global campaign to Rio in 2014 to defend the rights of street children around the world.

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