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    Watch our new video with Childreach International - 'The Life of Laisa: Growing Up In A Rio Favela'

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    Brazil has 21 of the worlds 50 most violent cities.


  • ABC Trust
    ABC Trust

    We believe every child has the right to live, learn and play. To be happy, safe and free.

July 2009

If you love football, why not get your company involved in our fun and glamorous corporate football challenge to help raise vital funds for Street Child World Cup!

ABC is currently creating a football tournament for corporate teams which will take place on the grounds of a premier league football club where the winning team will be presented with a trophy by a premier league football player.

We are calling on our supporters to appeal to your company to get involved in this fun challenge to help realise our plans for Street Child World Cup.

Street Child World Cup is the world’s first international football tournament for street children, which will bring teams of street children from 8 countries around the world to showcase thier talent, and launch a global campaign to ensure their voice is heard and their rights are protected. ABC Trust will be leading Team Brazil to South Africa in March 2010 for this historic event.

But to make this happen, we need funding, which is why we are calling on our supporters to help us by appealing to your company to take part in the challenge, or you can simply get a team of your colleagues together for your own sponsored 5-a side footy match in your local area OR simply ask your employer to sponsor the project.

In turn, companies can hugely benefit by increasing their brand awareness through our marketing and PR for this global campaign in Brazil, UK and worldwide, and strengthen the company’s corporate social responsibility agenda.

Brazil has 16 of the 50 most violent cities in the World. The international drug trade and its passage through Brazil has led to a crack epidemic. Many children on the street are addicted, have dropped out of school and left home. They spend days without sleeping, eating or washing and engage in crime, prostitution and weapon trafficking. Many become victims of violence, HIV, hepatitis, unwanted pregnancy and murder. 

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