What We Do

Brazil has 21 out of 50 of the most violent cities in the world.  Every hour in Brazil a child or teenager is murdered.


Brazil is home to the biggest crack market in the world. It is the 13th most unequal country in the world. 


With scarce opportunities and support systems for children, many drop out of school early and turn to begging, drugs and prostitution.


Action for Brazil’s Children Trust (ABC Trust) is the largest charity in the UK dedicated to helping at risk children and young people in cities across Brazil. Today we have 12 projects in the major urban centres of Rio, Sao Paulo, Recife, Salvador and Fortaleza.


Our vision – A Brazil in which every child has the right to, and the reality of, a safe childhood, a good education and opportunities to reach his or her potential.


Our mission - To protect and empower at risk children and young people through providing local community services and positive role models in their lives. 


Through awareness and funding, ABC supports local organisations to take the lead in overcoming the problems of extreme poverty, abuse and lack of opportunity that affect so many children across Brazil.

We have built up strong partnerships with community-led organisations which provide vital training, education and support for young people, and fire their imaginations and creativity through dance, film, drama, music and sport.  


Whilst developing young people's self-awareness, pride and respect, ABC’s partner projects also work to promote positive change in the wider community, overcoming many of the problems which force children onto the street in the first place.


Over the last 15 years we have reached over 22,000 children & their families.  In partnership, in collaboration and in providing much needed financial support, ABC Trust remains one of the only international NGOs working in Brazil. 

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