'I can play without fear; the world has no shadows any longer'


Gabriela is a 13 year-old teenager who lives with her mother, four brothers, grandmother and uncle. The family of eight share a single room in a building where one bathroom is used by several families. Gabriela started going to AA Criança two years ago and staff soon noticed that she was often apprehensive and irritable during activiites. She regularly complained of migraines and pain in her eyes.


Gabriela's school always reported her behaviour to be “less-than-acceptable”. AA Crianca asked Gabriela what was happened. She said she was very sad because she could not read and do what was needed at school. She attributed her bad behaviour to the migraines and eye pain and to her experiences with bullying, with children picking on her because of her bad vision and calling her mad. Sadly, the school had not noticed this, instead blaming her bad behaviour on lack of interest and her family situation.


AA Criança referred her to an eye specialist, who detected serious impairment to Gabriela’s sight which could be easily corrected by wearing glasses. Thanks to your support, Gabriela’s school performance has now significantly improved and she is enjoying taking part in activities at AA Criança.


After receiving a pair of glasses, Gabriela said: “I can now see everything as it is, I can see colours on the television, I can play without fear; the world has no shadows any longer”. With ABC Trust's support, AA Criança did something noone else did for Gabriela - took the time to listen to her and show her the love and attention she needed to make her shine. 



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Gabriela's Story









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