Crescer e Viver

PROJECT NAME: Crescer e Viver


WHERE: in a central downtown area of Rio de Janeiro


WHY: This area of the city experiences acute poverty and high rates of violence and unemployment. It is one of the most deprived inner city areas of Rio with drugs trafficking and violence common-place, many children living on the streets and families struggling to break-out of cycles of poverty, poor education, health services and high unemployment.


WHAT: The circus arts are used as a means of instilling in young people the will to transform society, and the conditions they live in, and to educate them on their rights as citizens.


In addition to physical abilities, the project aims to develop children’s self-esteem, creativity and interpersonal skills. The last is extremely important as many of the children grow up in environments where violence and aggression is the norm. The organisation also works with families, strengthening family ties and helping them give the best support to their children.


Some of the children will become professional circus artists, but Crescer e Viver’s ultimate goal is to give them practical skills, knowledge, and confidence to carve their own path in life.


WHO: 119 adolescents


RESULTS: Among the main results of this project, children not only develop their creativity and skills, they also increase their self-esteem, autonomy and social abilities. The children and adolescents are given the chance to experiment and use their creativity and team work to create a show for their community. The project also prepares external shows with music and lighting professionals, enabling them to be part of a real show and to feel valued and proud of what they achieved. Children are also encouraged to express themselves through their participation in forums and round table discussions within the project.

In addition, the project provides psycho-social support with the project’s psychologist and social assistant, who also work to strengthen family ties and helping them give the best support to their children.

Lastly, Crescer e Viver’s vocational training students participate as supervised circus instructors gaining professional experience and improving their CV doing something they love. 


CEACA aims to improve the quality of life in low-income communities through educational and cultural programmes, counselling, and technology classes



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