Cinema Nosso

PROJECT NAME: Cinema Nosso


WHERE:  Rio de Janeiro


WHY:  Although the film “City of God” made this community famous, it reinforced negative perceptions about it - as a violent community controlled by drug gangs. Sadly, this is not far from the reality. Children are constantly exposed to dangers with little hope for change. They grow up with low self-esteem and a lack of belief in, and opportunities for, a better future.


WHAT: Since City of God, Cinema Nosso has since gone on to offer audio-visual education and training programmes to young people, as a powerful means of self-expression.


They returned to the community City of God to engage children, a school and the community to use audio-visual methods as a way of discussing and tackling the issues faced by them. ABC is funding their Animation project, which works inside a school, using audio-visual techniques to engage children, their families, school staff and the community in discussing the community’s issues and finding solutions to change their realities. It also gives children technical skills and tools to enable them to make that change, empowering them and contributing to the development of their communication skills and critical thinking.. A social worker and a community spokesperson ensure that parents and the community are involved in this process. 


WHO: The project has reached up to 1,500 young people.


RESULTS:  Children took part in workshops twice a week, where they learned practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for them to carry out an animated film. The pupils produced animated films take pride and share their work with their community and other schools during presentations organised by the project. In addition to this training, the project’s social assistant provides socio and educational support to each child attending the course.


Using the animation as an instrument enables to foster discussions about sensitive subjects, while developing their critical skills and their creativity with an empowering effect.


Moreover, in order to reach a greater impact, Cinema Nosso’s Animation project also organises recreational activities for families and the community, such as outings to the cinema and cultural centres, as well as cinema sessions.


Finally, children increase their awareness of human rights with cultural workshops addressing this subject. 


CEACA aims to improve the quality of life in low-income communities through educational and cultural programmes, counselling, and technology classes



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Cinema Nosso

Cinema Nosso in Rio de Janeiro uses cinema as means of education, empowerment,
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