WHERE: Morro dos Macacos, Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro


WHY: The community of Morro dos Macacos with 25 thousand people, has received relatively well the government UPP – Police Pacifying Unit, which has improved the violence and issue of drug trafficking in the community, although both are still present. Its history of social and economic exclusion also means that people living in the community suffer from low education rates, leading to high unemployment and family dysfunction, which reflects the child in a negative, and often devastating, way. With this recent change, young people who before saw drug trafficking as a viable option to make a living now search for other initiatives within the community.


WHAT: CEACA is a community led organisation which contributes to social growth and the improvement in quality of life of people living in the Morro dos Macacos.and the strengthening of public policies for children and adolescents through social, educational, cultural, sport and professional activities.


ABC Trust funds CEACA’s CCCria (Children Cultural Centre) project, which supports the children of the community by offering participatory activities which are designed to work on children’s overall social and educational development. It does this through a wide range of activities: music, IT, arts, corporal expression and sport classes, in addition to offering a library and a playroom for educational activities through play. The project also focuses on children’s freedom of choice and ability to express themselves.  Lastly, CCCria also focuses on strengthening family ties and enabling parents to offer their children the support they need.


CCCria also focuses on strengthening family ties and enabling parents to offer their children the support they need. Families are involved in the project through support by a social worker, group meetings, talks on relevant themes, advice and opportunities of family leisure activities.


WHO: 172 children in 2014


RESULTS: By contributing to the core development of children in the community, CEACA improves the quality of education and works on raising awareness about their rights and various topics such as the environment. In the long term, this improvement provides employment opportunities and income possibilities.


CCCria’s methodology is designed to promote children's autonomy and leadership with responsibility, slowly building on capacities and values. Through the different activities, as well as cultural outings and round tables discussions, CEACA strengthens and stimulates the development of children, as they are taught their rights and duties as citizens. The project also works closely with local schools in order to follow-up on children’s progress at school. Family ties are strengthened and parents are supported in  caring for their children.


CEACA aims to improve the quality of life in low-income communities through educational and cultural programmes, counselling, and technology classes



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