WHERE:Parque São Bartolomeu, an area that is considered to be one of Salvador's most dangerous and deprived neighbourhoods.


WHY:  Most state schools in the area are under-resourced, overcrowded and the staff receive poor training. This jeopardizes the children’s learning and cognitive development and many see little point in attending school at all. With very high rates of illiteracy and unemployment in the community, family’s income is rarely above that of the minimum wage (about £190/ month) leaving parents, particularly single mothers, unable to offer the support their children need for a healthy development.


WHATThe project has contributed to a significant decrease in school dropout rates; children have improved skills in literacy and maths and are more motivated to continue with their formal education. They also improved their communication and interpersonal skills towards other students and adults. In addition, children are nourished and healthy; as they attend regular medical check-ups and receive nutritional advice and support together with their parents. Last, but not least, children have an increased knowledge and understanding of their rights and duties and are more conscious of the social problems faced by their community.


WHO: SIS works with 160 children, adolescents and their families


RESULTS:  SIS focuses on building students’ self-esteem and love for learning, while also helping them develop practical skills. Through encouraging students to reflect on the community’s social problems and think of solutions, it shapes future leaders and benefits the wider community. Parents are also encouraged to take part in their children’s education and involved through regular meetings, counselling and talks on issues faced by them. 


Viva A Vida


Viva a Vida works to break the vicious cycle of addiction by educating children and adolescents about drug abuse and sexual health through preventive and training activities and community outreach. more


Based in an area that is both geographically and socially excluded from Salvador city, SIS focuses on building children's self-esteem and love for learning, while also helping them to develop practical skills. More

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