Viva a Vida



WHERE: Vila Abrantes, Municipality of Camacari, Salvador in North Eastern Brazil.


WHY: The municipality of Camacari where the project is located, is the fifth municipality in the country regarding this adolescent homicide index ranking, with a number of 9,82 teenagers in 2012 who will be murdered before they reach their 19th birthday. The issue of drug abuse and traffic is also prevalent and young people are particularly vulnerable to this vicious cycle when they do not have opportunities to do to


WHAT: ABC Trust is financing Viva a Vida efforts to empower adolescents in the community of Vila Abrantes. The project not only provides informing activities on drug abuse and other issues relevant to the teenagers’ everyday experiences in the community, its activities also aim to empower youth, providing support so they feel confident in taking transformative initiatives for themselves and/or their communities. Here are some of the project’s activities:

·      Prevention workshops, combining art and dynamic activities in the local high school of Vila Abrantes, coupled with support for the realisation of a Life Plan. The presence in the school also provides information and training to sensitize teachers and staff. 

·      A theatre group and drama activities aiming at strengthening children’s knowledge about drug prevention - enabling them to communicate this subject in their own way to other teenagers - and in improving their theatre, artistic and cultural knowledge.

·     A Youth Leadership Group created to encourage and support young people in taking transformative initiatives 

·      Meetings with parents designed to improve relations between families and their children as well as strengthening the community.

·      Public policy advocacy to promote accountability and oversight of the municipality and its measures to prevent drug-related issues. This includes involving youth from the project, such as organising group visits to the different municipal bodies so that they are informed at the work that the public agents are doing and can ask any question they might have.


WHO: 239 teenagers, aged 13 to 18 years old between 2014 and 2015 


RESULTS: Through its preventative programme and community engagement, it has succeeded in empowering extremely marginalised children and young people in the community of Vila Abrantes. It has not only developed individuals’ confidence and self-esteem, but also empowered them to take an active role in society and bring positive change to their communities.


Viva A Vida


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