Previously Funded Projects: Arts and Culture

Crescer e Viver
ABC Support  2006 - 2010 

Founded in 2000, Crescer e Viver’s mission is to contribute to the social and individual development of children, teenagers and young people from underprivileged communities in Rio de Janeiro. 

This project uses culture and circus skills as the central element of a performance, based upon the idea of genarating multiple opportunities to allow them to better both their own situation and the situation of those around them.

Based in the central region of the city, Crescer e Viver reaches 150 children and young people from 7 to 24 years old f
rom underprivileged communities, particularly to those living in the surrounding favelas (shantytowns) and in local areas with high numbers of children living and working on the streets.

Gueto Poético
ABC Support - December 2007 – 2010

Gueto Poético worked in the communities Bom Juá and Alto da Terezinha using community participation as a tool for combating social exclusion and extreme poverty which are all prevalent issues in communities in Salvador.  Between 2007 and 2010, ABC provided funding for a day centre, the ongoing activities and the basic costs for the volunteer leaders of the project. The project offered guitar workshops, circus skills, theatre and poetry classes, increasing children’s motivation and building self-esteem.

Solar Meninos de Luz
ABC Support - 2006-2009

Solar Meninos de Luz (Children of Light) provides full-time education for at-risk children and young people in Rio. Based in the Cantagalo favela, its aim is 'to prevent the destruction of the potential with which every child is born'.  

ABC supported arts-based activities, like capoeira, music education and a youth orchestra for 400 children. Along with these activities the project also provides social assistance, including health care and family support and basic needs, such as supplying three meals per day, as well as support for children's physical and mental health.

Centro Cultural Monte
ABC Support - 2004-2007

Centro Cultural Monte is based in Monte, an area in Olinda where there is high unemployment and very low income for those who do work. The project works to improve the quality of life for all children, regardless of ethnicity, social background or disability.

Issues affecting the rapidly expanding favela in Olinda are dominated by the lack of access to medical care, sanitation and schooling. This leads to many children becoming involved in drugs, crime, prostitution and robbery. 

For this reason ABC has funded core costs of the organisation so that a range of activities can take place, including arts, sport, educational support, counseling, jewellery-making courses and occasional classes in cookery and woodwork.

The project is very important for the community and all the children that attend.  It helps us to understand Brazilian culture and show it to the rest of the world.”  Andrei, 12 years old

 Circo Picolino (2003-2013)

Circo Picolino combines the discipline of circus arts with education to build children's self-esteem and knowledge and encourage their skills and talents. By developing their basic education, children improve their opportunities for the future. Circo Picolino uses Brazilian art and culture to positive effect – to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children.

WHO: Young people between the ages of 5 and 18 years old


RESULTS:Students have gone on to perform professionally in Circo Picolino's own troupe, and tour with the world-famous Cirque du Soleil. It has become increasingly clear that arts-education is a successful method of engaging young people and children at risk of exclusion from society. The success of the model led to the Brazilian government setting up a National Circus Coordination Office, to develop and promote similar projects around the country

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