Previously Funded Projects: Support and Care


ABC support 2010 - 2012 
As part of ABC’s drive to raise awareness for the plight of street children and gather momentum behind efforts to support them, we took a team of street children to the first ever Street Child World Cup in South Africa in 2010, members of which came from our partner project, Quixote.

The Brazil team was formed by 10 children of boys and girls between 13 and 16 years who attended the project Quixote, an ABC partner project which has been working since 1996 in São Paulo. Through art, health and education,Quixote seeks to provide another story for children, youth and families at risk. It aims to bring new alternatives for the daily challenges they face, such as 
violence, abuse, abandonment, lack of good role models and positive values.

At Quixote, these young people received the support they needed to deal with their pasts and to build a positive future

Task Brasil 
ABC Support - 1998-2007

Task Brasil Trust is a UK-registered charity which aims to provide care and support and to enable children to develop their independence and self-esteem.

Casa Jimmy

Task Brasil's first residential home was set up in 1998 with a donation from ABC founding patron, Jimmy Page ‘Casa Jimmy’ has provided a safe and happy home for 500 young children and pregnant teenage girls but since 2011Task Brasil changed its focus and is now directing its efforts towards community based care projects.

ABC provided substantial support for Task Brasil for many years, ending in 2007.

Children in Hunger
ABC Support – 2003 – 2007

Children in Hunger is a small UK-based charity. It works in two favelas in Fortaleza in the North East, the poorest region of Brazil. Many children suffer from malnutrition and ill-health. There is poor educational provision and many children and families feel marginalised.

CIH supports two projects. The first project they established now provides daily meals for 300 children, often the only meal they will get during the day. The second is a school for 100 children, offering basic education. ABC's support for CIH has enabled these projects to continue operating and expand the number of children they could help.

"I don't have a dad and my mum doesn't have a job, so there is hardly ever any food at home, so I come here to eat."  Gabriela, 7 years old

Abrigo e Berçário Luz de Escol
ABC Support – 2004 – 2007

Luz de Escol operates a temporary refuge for homeless and abandoned children providing shelter, regular meals and a service which aims to reunite children with their families or find adoptive parents. Some of the children who go to the centre have been left on the streets, their parents too poor to look after them, or afflicted by drug and alcohol abuse. Because of this the project also works with the family as a whole, helping parents to find employment and improve their home situation.

The project was founded in the violent neighbourhood, Nova Iguaçu. ABC funding enabled the project to employ specialised staff for the first time. Funding also provided for improved facilities for children and allowed the project to receive accreditation.

Rainbow Farm
ABC Support – 2005 – 2007

Located near Belo Horizonte, this residential farm project helped abandoned and abused children by providing them with a place to live on a short or long term basis. The farm served as the perfect antidote to the dangers of living on the streets of the big city by providing a relaxing atmosphere to play and learn and a chance to experience the tranquility of the area.

The family atmosphere enabled children to access education, counselling and personal support when necessary. Rainbow farm’s helped to give children hope and a more positive life whilst finding them new adoptive families. 


Friends of Maria & SOMAR
ABC Support – 2005 – 2008

Friends of Maria was established as a small UK based charity to provide financial and advisory support to Maria’s refuge and helped to establish the child care centre ‘SOMAR’, with support from ABC.

Somar offered education, basic health care, counselling, meals, washing facilities and a safe place to play for 30 children in 2008 who wouldn’t have been able to access education at all. 

Projeto Estrela do Amanhã 

ABC Support – 2004 – 2007

Projeto Estrela do Amanha provides food, medical care, dental care and sport and art activities at its centre in Umbuzeiro, on the border of Paraíba and Pernambuco states. Since 2006 the Child Development Centre aims to discourage children from involvement in violence, delinquency and prostitution and promotes peace, citizenship, voluntary work, protection of a good community atmosphere and human rights and democracy.

 The community suffers from poor sanitation and high levels of disease, but the centre is one of the few places where children have access to clean water. Many children have been abandoned and others have extremely poor diets and suffer from malnutrition. The authorities do little to help, leading to children becoming socially marginalised.

"I live in very poor conditions without basic foods.  I went to Estrela when I was unwell and they looked after me and gave me medicine."  Bruno, 8 years old.


O Pequeno Nazareno (2013-2014)

O Pequeno Nazareno runs a street outreach programme to reintegrate children living on the street with their families. For those who can't immediately return home, the project operates a full-time shelter whilst it works with families to start the reintegration process. Children are given support with education and teenagers are linked to vocational training opportunities. O Pequeno Nazareno also uses football and games as a form of therapy, a means of promoting health and nutrition and a method of uniting children and families. 

WHO:  Around 170 young people and 75 families are currently reached by the project


RESULTS: Children gain access to basic rights and are included in the formal job market through internships, apprenticeships and permanent jobs. Ties with their families are rebuilt and the overall situation of the community is constantly improving. 


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