WHERE: in Bode, an impoverished neighbourhood behind Boa Viagem, Recife.


WHY:  With 75,000 inhabitants, Bode is one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Recife. Full of make-shift wooden houses built on swamps, most houses in the community have no basic public services such as sanitation, electricity or clean water. 


WHATIn 2014, positive progress was made in children’s problem solving and literacy; a significant number demonstrated improvement in their learning abilities.  Thanks to their improved school performance, children with low self-esteem have also higher confidence, and are able to express themselves and communicate more effectively.

The project is the only opportunity most children in Bode slum have for extra-curricular activities and to develop crucial life skills linked to these activities, such as team-work, communication, respect.  Children become more aware of their culture, often looked down upon as it’s linked to poorer parts of society, and this builds their self-esteem.  They also learn essential skills for later professional opportunities.

Finally, children also learn about the importance of a healthy diet and receive two essential daily meals that they might not otherwise receive during the day.


WHO: 260 children and their families


RESULTS: ISMEP provides essential educational, vocational, psychological and social support for children in the neighbourhood. It incorporates a wide range of activities, including arts and crafts, school support, IT, capoeira, dance, music and physical education. It aims to provide opportunities for children’s and adolescents’ learning and skills development, by promoting greater support and protection of children by their family and community. The project also reaches out to children’s families and the community, by proving social and psychological support and vocational training. 


ISMEP tackles the cycle of poverty, violence and hopelessness by providing quality education, creative and vocational activities for children as well as support from a social assistant and a psychologist. 


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