Fazendo Historia

PROJECT NAME:  Fazendo Historia


WHERE: Sao Paulo, Brazil


WHY: Children growing up outside of safe family environments often do not have the opportunity to express themselves – their desires, tastes, needs and memories of pain, violence, fears and abuse they have experienced in life. They have very little individual support leading to development problems, identity and self-esteem issues when they are older.


Fazendo Historia also observed that the young people who reached the age to leave the care system felt lost, alone and unprepared for a new stage of life. After relying for many years on the structure, staff and services offered by institutions, the transition to an independent life can be very difficult as they receive hardly any support from public schemes and, as most of them have little family bonding, they also lack social and emotional support.


WHAT: ABC Trust is currently funding two of the institute’s projects: 'Creating my own Story', and “Our Group”.


'Creating my own Story' helps children living in shelters build an identity and life story.  The aim is for every child to create a personal memory album of their past and future, to work through trauma, understand where they came from and celebrate their achievements – forming a strong sense of identity and self-worth. Each child created his or her life album and started processing their memories with the continuous support of a volunteer or care worker.

Our Group

In 2011, Our Group was created to support youngsters living in shelters in their transition from living in care to adult life. The project creates a peer support group, formed prior to the teenagers’ departure from the shelters. Following the teenager for three years, it gathers the participants as a group every fortnight, and provides one on one mentoring, in addition to offering financial support. 


WHO:  126 children in 2014



'Creating my own Story':


There has been an increase in literacy and enjoyment in reading/learning for these children, improving school performance but also problem solving skills/cognitive development and emotional intelligence. In 2014, the project trained and mentored 73 care workers in the project’s methodology, allowing them to support not just existing children but future children who arrive at the shelter.  The project also created safe, comfortable reading spaces in each shelter.  Shelter staff and children helped design and create the space, making it feel like their own, which also helped them to build relationships and stimulated and providing a safe space for children to open up about their life stories. Children express and value their stories: each child decides how each memory was to be displayed or represented in their album.


Our Group:


Being part of a group has helped the young people improve their social skills, building relationships valuable for their present and future situations. During three years the project helps them to develop and implement their life plans.


Youngsters are also helped with employment and housing, learn to manage their finances, to use public transport and informed about cultural and leisure opportunities in the city. By giving the adolescents emotional, financial and vocational support, it helps to build practical skills and prepare the young people for the challenges that they will face.


Finally, change has been significant regarding the participants' idea of themselves - an essential step for them to feel stronger and confident enough to make decisions for the future; the young people demonstrably became significantly more conscious of their qualities and potential.

AA Criança

AA Criança (Association of Support for Children of the Sé Regio) works to defend the rights of the child and helps give street children in São Paulo a new chance in life. more


Fazendo Historia ('Creating My Own Story') helps abandoned children form an identity and life story, helping them to work through trauma and ultimately reintegrate with their communities and families 



ACER works in the Eldorado favela, on the outskirts of São Paulo. Using education and child support to tackle poverty, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, child abuse and illiteracy.


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