Previously Funded Projects: Education and Citizenship

Avante Lencois
ABC Support - 2003-2008

Avante Lencois was one of the first projects ABC supported enabling building works to be completed and funding core costs. Avante's wide-ranging work emphasises the importance of education and training to develop leadership, active community involvement and democratisation of the arts and media.

ABC helped to bring to the project free high-speed Internet and a library with 4,500 titles, many related to the history of the region as well as children's books. We also helped to create the 'O Avante' bulletin, managed by Avante youths and reaching 6000 readers as well as a community radio station.

Luta Pela Paz
ABC Support – 2005-2007

Luta Pela Paz (Fight for Peace) is based in Rio de Janeiro and works to build confidence, self-esteem and responsible citizens through sport. It began as a boxing centre but has now expanded to include wrestling and capoeira. These sporting activities provide a positive outlet for the frustrations and energies of at-risk children and young people, whilst teaching them not to use violence within their communities. They also develop discipline and concentration, and build their self-esteem. In the past, ABC funding has helped to support computer skills courses and citizenship classes.

‘Be disciplined, be humble, be peaceful outside the ring.’

The project also offers citizenship covering topics such as sex education, family, work, human rights and culture and violence.

Grãos de Luz e Griô
ABC Support – 1998-2007

ABC was initially founded to support the Grãos de Luz project, which Jimena Page had helped to establish. The project began as a soup kitchen, but soon focused on education, extra-curricular activities and an outreach scheme. The project has been incredibly successful, being awarded a prize by UNICEF Brasil in 2003 for the Best Education and Participation project and in 2005, was highlighted by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.

Grãos de Luz founded the Griô project to ensure young people are taught about oral history and Afro-Brazilian traditions. Young people are trained to work in schools and develop projects which value local culture, ensuring that the history and role of African peoples in Brazil's development is not forgotten. 

ABC Trust provided funding over a long period of time and now the project has achieved national recognition and is able to fundraise locally. 

I learned that we are grains of sand. Without other grains, we cannot construct anything.” Eniele, 19 years old.

ABC Support – 2004-2008

Based near João Pessoa, this project worked in the favela Renascer III, one of the most violent areas of the city, but geographically separated from the main part of the state capital. Renascer specialized in providing educational opportunities for the poorest children of the favela, 50% of whom come from single parent families. The ABC’s funding has enabled the refurbishment of buildings, the purchase of computers for IT classes and covering the salaries of the teachers. 

"Renascer has changed me a lot. I'm optimistic about the future and would like to become a teacher." Danania, 12 years old.

 Roupa Souja (2006-2014)

WHY:  Illiteracy, alcoholism, prostitution, drug abuse and teenage pregnancies are prevalent in Roupa Suja – the worst part of Rocinha slum. The area lacks any basic facilities and children are often left to roam the streets, where they are at risk of becoming involved with gang violence.  

WHAT: Roupa Suja helps children, adolescents and families through:

- Daycare Programmes: providing vital care and education for 2-4 year olds.

- Knowledge workshops: providing supplementary literacy, maths, arts and IT classes, along with a daily balanced meal

- Families Programmes: offering advice to parents and guardians on health, citizenship and human rights, along with meeting basic needs e.g. medicine, furniture and housing.

- Volunteering: an initiative whereby international volunteers can work at the project and bring a range of expertise to the community.

WHO:  130 children, teenagers and familiesfor children aged 3 months - 15 years old.


RESULTS: Children maintain healthier lifestyles through access to balanced meals and check-ups with paediatricians and psychologists. They improve coordination, concentration levels, sensory perception and communication skills. As a result, children become more interested in going to school, drop-out rates have lowered and there has been a reduction in teenage pregnancies.

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